Monitoring and Alerts

If you leave a predetermined safety area, you and your caregiver can be alerted.

Call for Help

Call your caregiver with just one click, or other important contacts with a simplified interface.


You can be guided back home with the help of an arrow that permanently points towards your next waypoint regardless of the device's orientation.

Call a Taxi

Find out your location and call a taxi to take you back home.

More details are available in the Project's Flyer, FAQ and User Manual.

Vodafone Awards Finalist

AlzNav was selected as one of the three finalists for the Mobility category of the Smart Accessibility Awards 2011 international contest, by a jury consisting of representatives from the Vodafone Foundation, European Disability Forum and AGE Platform Europe.

Increased sense of safety

AlzNav increases older adults' autonomy by increasing their sense of safety when going outdoors and also eases the caregivers' concerns by reassuring them that they will be alerted if their cared ones get lost and need help.

Remote Location Requests

If the user gives its prior consent, the caregiver will be able to find out his current location by simply sending a text message with a special keyword to the user's device which the application will automatically reply to.